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Taxi For Pets

For your beloved pet’s vet visits, grooming appointments and everything in between, choose 13cabs pet taxi service. Book our comfy sedans, spacious SUVs, group-friendly MAXI TAXIs, wheelchair accessible taxis or luxurious Silver Service taxis for hassle-free pet travel.

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What is a pet taxi?

A pet taxi is a dedicated service for safely transporting your beloved pets. It's designed to ensure their comfort during trips to the vet, groomer or any destination.

For worry-free pet travel, book with 13cabs. Whether you book through our website, app or phone call, just let us know your furbaby is coming, and we'll offer a pet-friendly experience from pickup to dropoff. Choose from our door-to-door pet transport services, including:

What qualifications do pet taxi Drivers have?

When it comes to our pet taxi services, we maintain high standards to ensure the safety and comfort of your beloved pets. Our pet taxi Drivers are thoroughly qualified with the following:

Can you take a dog in a taxi in Australia?

Of course! At 13cabs, we know your pet is family. That's why we offer pet transport services in Victoria, Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and other Australian areas we service.

Whether it's a quick vet visit or a fun day out with your furry friend, our pet taxis are here to meet your pet needs. Our door-to-door service makes things super convenient. And when it comes to safe and comfortable animal transport, you can count on us. Our Drivers are more than happy to assist with any special pet care requests you might have.

Do taxis allow pets in carriers?

Absolutely. With 13cabs, you can bring your pet in carriers. As long as your furry friend is safely in a carrier, they're welcome in our taxis.

How much is a taxi with pets in Australia?

Travelling with pets using 13cabs in Australia is a breeze. The fare may vary depending on factors like distance and location, but don't worry; we keep it competitive with no extra charges or hidden fees. Our pricing is transparent, and you can use our Fare Estimate Calculator to get an early estimate of your ride's cost.

When you travel with us, you can also enjoy a Fixed Price. The price you see when you book is the price you pay, with no surges.

How can pet owners book a pet taxi?

Booking an animal transport service with 13cabs is easy for pet owners. We've made it convenient to ensure your furry friend travels comfortably. Here's how you can book your pet taxi with us: