Need to get something somewhere right now?

If it fits in one of our vehicles, we’ll deliver it door to door for the price of a cab fare.

13cabs driver delivering parcel
It’s like your own on-demand courier, but without all the messy paperwork or setting up an account.

Whether it’s getting a laptop back to the office, an urgent parcel to a freight depot or a last-minute gift across town, 13cabs can deliver it, 24/7.

What’s more, if you book your delivery through the 13cabs app, you’ll get a Fixed Price. The price you’re quoted when you book your delivery is the price you’ll pay. How’s that for total control?

Frequently asked questions.
What’s the average pick up time?

Times vary depending on the size of vehicle you need and how close it is to your pickup point, but your Driver will usually arrive within 10 minutes. If you book via the 13cabs app, you’ll get an ETA and can track your 13cabs delivery Driver to your door in real-time.

How much will I pay?

If you book through the 13cabs app, you’ll get a Fixed Price upfront. Otherwise, the price is determined by the taxi meter. With 13cabs delivery, there are no surcharges or hidden extras. As a guide, a business hours delivery within a 3km radius of your address in Melbourne will cost around $13, or $15 if you’re in Sydney.

Can I track my parcel?

Absolutely. If you book through the 13cabs app, you can track your parcel from pick up to delivery, via the 13cabs GPS network. The app also lets you include full pick up and delivery instructions for your Driver, so you know your delivery is safe and sound.

Booking with the 13cabs app?
Booking with the 13cabs app?
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