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Ride stress-free across Australia by knowing your taxi fare upfront with Fixed Fare from 13cabs and enjoy a smooth, worry-free journey at a Fixed Price.

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Fits you and your luggage

Especially if you have odd or oversized items.

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Like all 13cabs vehicles.

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What does the term “Fixed Fare” mean?

Fixed Fare means you know the cost of your ride before you even step into the taxi. No surprises, no guesswork. Just straightforward pricing that gives you peace of mind. You book, you see the price and that's what you pay.

When does a Fixed Fare apply?

Fixed Fares apply when you book your ride in advance in the 13cabs app or the 13cabs website. Booking ahead sets your fare and secures your ride, so there's no stress about what you'll be paying. Whether it’s a trip to the airport, a night on the town or any other ride you need in Australia, you can enjoy your next trip with a Fixed Price.

Here's how you can book a 13cabs taxi service and get that Fixed Price Taxi:

What is the difference between a Fixed Fare and a Metered Fare?

In a Fixed Fare, the price is set upfront. No added tolls or surcharges unless you're told about them. But with a metered fare, the price changes as you go. It counts distance, time, waiting time and traffic. Even tolls and surcharges can be added. Picking up a cab from a taxi rank? You're likely to get a metered fare.

Both have their benefits, but a Fixed Price makes budgeting easy. No need to watch the meter or think about extra costs. Just sit back and enjoy the ride with peace of mind.

How do you get a Fixed Fare for your trip?

Getting a Fixed Price is straightforward. Whether you use the 13cabs App or visit our website. Just put your ride details into our Fare Estimate Calculator to see what the taxi fare will be. Enter your pickup and drop off locations, and the fare appears. Hit confirm, and just like that, your ride is booked. It’s that simple.

Why ride with 13cabs?

13cabs offers a reliable way to get around. Whether in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or other areas we service in Australia, we’ve got you covered from the moment you book until you reach your destination. Here's why you should choose us for your next trip:

What are the vehicle options at 13cabs?

Whether you're travelling solo or with a group, 13cabs offers a variety of vehicle types to make sure you ride in comfort and style. Choose from our transportation services that suit your needs, such as: