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Baby Seat Taxis

When travelling with your little one, you need a reliable taxi company prioritising your child’s safety and comfort. That’s where we come in – at 13cabs, we offer a baby seat taxi service that gives you peace of mind for a stress-free journey.

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Do Australian taxis have baby seats?

Yes. When you travel with 13cabs, you can request car seats for your child. We're here to provide peace of mind to make sure your child travels securely, whether it's a quick city trip or an airport transfer. Our transportation services include:

Can I take a newborn in a taxi?

Yes, you can confidently bring your newborn baby in a 13cabs baby seat cab. Your child's safety is our top priority, and here's why you can trust us:

How can I travel with an infant?

You can travel with a newborn baby or a young child in a vehicle equipped with a child car seat, booster seat, baby seat, child restraint seat, baby capsule, rear-facing baby seat and toddler seat.

Travelling with an infant is easy with 13cabs. Whether you need a cab service to the airport, a taxi to the city or transportation in Perth, Melbourne, New South Wales or anywhere within our service area in Australia, you’re in good hands with us. Here's how to book your high-quality baby seat taxi service for a hassle-free journey:

Do you need a baby seat in a taxi in Sydney?

Yes. If you're travelling with your little one in Sydney, you need a baby seat to ensure your child’s safety. When you book with 13cabs, we have baby seats available upon request to provide a secure and comfortable ride for your child. Just let us know when booking your taxi, and we'll make sure to accommodate your needs.

Do taxis have baby seats in Adelaide?

Absolutely! In Adelaide, we provide baby seats upon request to offer a secure ride for your child. You can also bring your own baby seat if you prefer since most of our baby seat cabs are fitted with anchor points for your convenience.

What is the price for a baby seat taxi in Sydney?

Booking a baby seat taxi with 13cabs in Sydney is straightforward. While the cost may vary based on factors like distance and tolls, there are no hidden fees or surcharges. Our rates remain consistent day and night, and you can get a quote in advance with our Fare Estimate Calculator.

With the 13cabs app, you enjoy a Fixed Price - the price you see when booking is what you'll pay, and there's no surge pricing. You also have the flexibility to choose your car type or request your preferred Driver.