Need a MAXI TAXI for you and your crew?

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If you need a taxi service for you and your crew, a MAXI TAXI is the way to go. With space for 10 people, big luggage capacity, and Professional Drivers, a MAXI TAXI cab will get you there. Whether you’re headed out for the night or on your way to a special holiday, search for MAXI TAXI’s via our app or online.

Up to 10 passengers

The more the merrier!

Fits you and your luggage

Life is too short to pack light- take that extra bag!

Comfortable and modern

Clean, comfy and cool - what more could you want?

Fare Estimate

Going from a to b and need a fare estimate?

How many people with luggage can a MAXI TAXI take?

For international travel, no more than six people plus luggage will fit into a MAXI. That said, multiple vehicles can be booked if required.

Does the fare differ depending on passenger number?

Our fares remain the same, no matter how many you bring along for the ride! However, some states may have additional charges for booking a MAXI vehicle.

Will the Driver load, unload our luggage?

All 13cabs Drivers are trained to help passengers with their luggage and mobility, no matter the vehicle.

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How many can fit in a MAXI TAXI?

Whether you’re looking for comfy airport transfers for you and your family, or out for a night on the town or at the footy with your friends, you can’t go past our MAXI TAXI service. Or maybe you’re looking for a professional way to manage corporate transfers or group transfers to and from conferences. Whatever your requirements, a multi-seater taxi cab is the best choice. Our MAXI TAXIS have room for everyone. Features include:

How do I book a MAXI TAXI?

No matter where you are in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, regional NSW, Victoria, and more – if you’re in any of our service areas there are three main ways to book a taxi with 13cabs:

When you book you can check the availability of maxi cab services in your region.

How much is a MAXI TAXI?

Taxi fares with 13cabs MAXI TAXIS will remain the same, no matter how many people you bring along for the ride. However, in some states there may be an additional charge for booking a MAXI TAXI. While we’re talking fares, there’s a couple of important things to remember about 13cabs taxi bookings:

When you book online or via the 13cabs app, you’ll get a fare estimate, which will give you a great indication of how much your fare will be. And in a lot of our service areas, if you use the 13cabs app, you’ll get a Fixed Price. Our Fixed Price means the price you’re quoted when you book is the price you will pay.

What is the best MAXI TAXI?

When you’re choose 13cabs to book a MAXI TAXI, you can have the peace of mind of knowing you’re choosing a hassle-free service everyone loves.

What is the difference between a taxi and MAXI TAXI?

Obviously size is the big difference between a MAXI TAXI and a regular cab. Between extra space for people and luggage, if there are more than 4 of you heading somewhere, a MAXI TAXI is the best option. Given that extra space, a MAXI TAXI could cost slightly more than a regular cab for the same trip. But that’s where the differences end. When you choose a MAXI TAXI or a regular cab, you get the same great service, easy booking, and professional drivers that know their stuff.

How much luggage can I fit into a MAXI TAXI?

Our MAXI TAXIS are all about space, and if you’re heading off to the airport with a group of friends or as a family, space is something you’ll appreciate. Our drivers have been doing this for a long time, and they’ve got a feel for what works best when it comes to luggage and people. While our MAXI TAXIS can carry up to 10 people, the regular rule of thumb for travellers is if you’re going on an international flight, we recommend no more than six travellers and their luggage. If you’re flying domestic, that number can be more. If you book online or via the 13cabs app, make sure you enter the correct number of travellers. And if you’re booking via 13 2227, let us know at the time.

All our drivers are trained to help you with your luggage or with any mobility issues, whether you choose a MAXI TAXI or any of our other services.