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Taxis in Toowoomba

At 13cabs, our Toowoomba taxi service offers more than just a ride from A to B. From spacious MAXI TAXIs for group trips and dependable parcel delivery to stylish airport transfers and pet-friendly taxis, we make sure every ride with us is smooth, stylish and comfortable.

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How do you call a taxi in Toowoomba?

In Toowoomba, getting a taxi is easy and hassle-free, especially when you choose 13cabs. Whether you’re in a rush or planning a trip in advance, we offer convenient ways to book your ride. Here’s how you can get a cab in Toowoomba:

  • Book Online: Visit the 13cabs website, enter your journey details to book a taxi service online and get instant confirmation. It’s quick and user-friendly.
  • Use Our App: Download the 13cabs App and book your ride with just a few taps. You can also track your taxi Driver in real-time right on your smartphone.
  • Contact Our Phone Number: Dial 13 2227 for direct access to our 24/7 customer support team. We’re always ready to assist you in booking your ride in Toowoomba.

Is it cheaper to book a taxi in advance?

When you book a Toowoomba taxi in advance with 13cabs, you get a clear Fare Estimate. This helps you know what the ride might cost whether you’re heading to Toowoomba City, Pittsworth, Wellcamp, Oakey or Drayton. Booking your taxi cab ahead of time also means you’re all set for your trip, avoiding any last-minute rush.
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How long is the waiting period to get a taxi in Brisbane?

In Brisbane, the waiting period for a taxi varies, but with a reliable service like 13cabs, you won’t be left waiting for long. As a leading taxi company in Australia, we offer a smooth ride from pickup to dropoff.

Our large fleet makes sure that a cab is often just a few minutes away in Brisbane. To make sure you’re not waiting too long, especially during peak hours or big events,  book your ride with us in advance. You can book up to 7 days ahead to secure your ride.

Are there any taxi companies in Toowoomba?

Yes, Toowoomba has several taxi companies, but 13cabs stands out as a top choice for all your taxi service needs. Our fleet, equipped with well-maintained vehicles, comfy seats and air conditioning, meets the unique needs of our Australian passengers.

Whether you’re on a solo trip, with family or in a larger group, our experienced Drivers are here to guarantee a comfortable and reliable journey. Here are the transportation services we offer:

  • Full Size Sedan: Perfect for up to 4 passengers, great for individual or small groups.
  • MAXI TAXI: Fits up to 10 passengers, excellent for bigger groups or extra luggage space.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT): Specially equipped for passengers with mobility needs, ensuring safety and comfort.
  • Silver Service: A premium option for up to 4 passengers, suited for business trips or special events.
  • Airport Transfer: Various vehicle options for hassle-free trips to and from the airport.
  • Fixed Fare Taxi: Clear pricing upfront, no surprises.
  • Taxi for Pets: Bring your pets along in our pet-friendly cabs.
  • Baby Seat Taxis: Safe and secure travel for your little ones.
  • Parcel Delivery: Reliable and prompt parcel delivery service, ensuring your items are transported safely.

What are the advantages of using a taxi service?

Choosing 13cabs for your taxi service in Toowoomba is about experiencing convenience, safety and comfort. Here are some benefits of using 13cabs:

  • Variety of Transportation Services: We offer a range of vehicles for different needs, from solo travellers to large groups.
  • 24/7 Availability and Pre-Booking Option: Our cabs are available 24/7, and you can even book them 7 days in advance for added convenience.
  • Safety and Regular Inspections: Your safety is our priority. Our Drivers are thoroughly vetted, and our vehicles are regularly inspected.
  • Comfort and Choice: With our selection of top-of-the-line vehicles, you can choose the one that best fits your comfort needs.
  • Local Knowledge of Drivers: Our Drivers know Toowoomba like the back of their hand, so you can take the best routes to your destination.
  • Various Payment Options: To make your experience smoother, we accept multiple payment methods, including cash, credit and debit cards, mobile payments, PayPal and Cabcharge.

Is it safe to use a taxi in Brisbane?

Booking with our taxi company means choosing a safe taxi ride. We take the time to properly check and train our taxi Drivers with regular checks on driving history and strict behaviour guidelines. Our vehicles are also checked regularly for safety, so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.
Safety with 13cabs isn’t just about the vehicle you’re in. Our 13cabs App connects you directly to our 24/7 contact centre whenever you need it. And in every taxi cab, you’ll find cameras and GPS tracking for that extra layer of security.