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Melbourne MAXI TAXI

Book a MAXI TAXI with the 13cabs app and not only will you have a great night out, but our Fixed Price gives you total control. So, you’ll all know the price of your cab before you get in. Book with Australia’s favourite ride for a hassle-free trip.

Room for 10 passengers

Perfect for friends and family

Space for your luggage

No need to pack light

Modern and comfy

A safe and comfortable ride

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How much is a MAXI TAXI in Melbourne?

When you take a MAXI TAXI anywhere in Melbourne, including to or from the Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine or Avalon Airport, you can find out what your taxi fare will be before you ride. When you choose a MAXI van with 13cabs on the app or through our website, you’ll get a Fixed Price.

How do I book a MAXI TAXI in Melbourne?

Booking our MAXI cab service is the same as booking any Melbourne taxi or cab in Victoria. You can book via the 13cabs app, online through our website, or over the phone on 13 2227. All you need to know is your destination, your pickup address, and when you’d like to ride.

How many people does a MAXI TAXI take? 

Our MAXI TAXIS can take up to 11 passengers, or up to 6 if you’ve got a lot of luggage. And we can even cater for baby seats. Let us know when you book how many people are going to ride with us.

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What are the features of MAXI TAXIS in Melbourne?

There are plenty of great things about our MAXI TAXIS, including:

  • Easy to book. Hassle-free booking around the clock. Book now or up to 7 days in advance.
  • Excellent service. We reckon our professional drivers give the best service in town. They’ll even load and unload for you.
  • Group travel. Whether you’re sightseeing, needing airport group transfers, or going out with friends, an 11-seater MAXI TAXI is a great option.
  • Clean and comfortable. Sit back, relax, and travel in style.
  • Fixed Price. Book with the 13cabs app and know your fare before you leave.
  • Extras. You can even use a MAXI TAXI for parcel delivery.

What are the different types of MAXI TAXI vehicles available?

Our MAXI TAXIS are mini buses, similar to our wheelchair accessible taxis. MAXI TAXIS carry 11 passengers and have plenty of space for your luggage. You can book one in any of our service areas, and our modern fleet is inspected every four months.

What is the maximum capacity of a MAXI TAXI?

A MAXI TAXI can provide a ride for up to 11 passengers, which is perfect for a great night out with family and friends. If you’re going on an international Melbourne airport transfer and you have a bit of luggage, we recommend only 6 passengers travel in a MAXI TAXI to make sure we can fit everything and everyone in.

Does 13cabs charge extra for their MAXI TAXIS?

While a taxi booking for a MAXI TAXI may cost a little more than a regular, smaller cab, the fare will remain the same no matter how many passengers come along. Make sure to choose your preferred payment options, including credit card, before you book.

What is the easiest way to book a MAXI TAXI Airport transfer in Melbourne?

We reckon the 13cabs app is the easiest way to book taxis, including MAXI TAXIS. But that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. You can also make an online booking via our website, or call our phone number – 13 2227 any time of the day or night.

Is there surge pricing on MAXI TAXIS for public holidays or special events?

As a taxi company, we don’t believe in surge pricing. The last thing anyone wants after a great event is to have a big dent taken out of your wallet. And we don’t believe in cancellation fees or late charges either. Some public holidays may attract a special rate.

What are some popular destinations you can visit in Melbourne with your MAXI TAXI?

The Melbourne CBD is full of great things to see. The Melbourne Aquarium is a must for every family, as is the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. A MAXI TAXI is perfect for a night out at any of the city’s restaurants or night spots, and taking a MAXI TAXI to and from the cricket, footy, or tennis can save a lot of hassle. Why struggle to get a car park or squeeze onto public transport when you can take a 13cabs MAXI TAXI?