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Melbourne Airport MAXI TAXI

Book a MAXI TAXI from the Melbourne Airport and get where you need to go in comfort with your luggage. Know your fare before you travel with our Fixed Price, and let our professional Drivers make your cab ride from the Melbourne Airport hassle-free.

Room for 10 passengers

Perfect for friends and family

Space for your luggage

No need to pack light

Modern and comfy

A safe and comfortable ride

Fare Estimate

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How much is a MAXI TAXI from the airport in Melbourne?

When you book a Melbourne Airport transfer on the 13cabs app or via our website, you’ll know exactly what the cost of your taxi fare will be straight away. Our best Price Guarantee means you’ll never have to guess the cost of your ride again. And we also have a lot of payments options for extra flexibility, including:

  • Credit card
  • Apple and Google Pay
  • Cash
  • Cabcharge 

How do I book a MAXI TAXI from Melbourne Airport?

Pre-booking a MAXI cab taxi from, or to, the Melbourne Airport is easy. You can book now or up to 7 days in advance via the 13cabs app, 13cabs web site or by phone 13 2227. Booking via the 13cabs app or online is easy. All you need to do is choose your:

  • Pickup address. Type it in or move the location pin.
  • Destination. You can click on ‘Airport’ or start typing it in.
  • Taxi Service. Choose MAXI TAXI among options such as Parcel Delivery, Wheelchair Accessible Taxi, and Sedan.

What are the number of passengers a MAXI TAXI can take?

Our MAXI TAXI service is perfect for families or groups of friends or colleagues travelling together with their luggage. Door-to-door service means safe, stress-free, and reliable travel. Our MAXI TAXIS have: 

  • Space for 11 passengers
  • Lots of luggage room
  • Baby seat anchor points 
  • Comfortable seats

If you’re going overseas, or have extra luggage, it’s best to limit your MAXI TAXI booking to 6 passengers.

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What are the features of MAXI TAXIS in Melbourne?

There are a lot of reasons to choose a MAXI TAXI van service anywhere in Melbourne, including:

  • Professional and experienced Drivers. We think our taxi Drivers offer the best service in town, and all across Vic.
  • Safety. Our Drivers put safety first, and we have built in cameras and GPS in every taxi.
  • Comfortable ride. Modern cabs and plenty of space.
  • Big fleet. With Australia’s largest taxi fleet, we’re ready when you are.
  • Easy booking. Fast, one-tap booking with the 13cabs app, on our website, or by calling 13 2227. 

What are the hours for MAXI TAXIS in Melbourne?

Like all our cabs, our MAXI TAXIS work 24/7. That makes them perfect for airport travel, and it also means it’s a great way to link to other transportation services, such as trains or cruises. When you book, our professional Drivers will pick you up and drop you off at any hour of the day or night at the designated area. If you don’t have a booking, make your way down to the taxi rank. 

What is a MAXI TAXI fare?

Use our Fixed Price to know your MAXI TAXI fare before you ride. Given a MAXI TAXI is bigger than a regular cab, the fare may be higher than the usual sedan. But the good thing is no matter how many passengers are onboard, the fare stays the same. So, it may be cheaper if you split the fare.

What is the best way to travel from Melbourne Airport to the city?

Given the distance the Tullamarine Melbourne Airport and the Avalon Airport are from their relevant city centres, it makes sense to take a MAXI TAXI for group travel. An Avalon or Melbourne Airport MAXI cab is clearly the easiest way to get from both. You don’t have to worry about parking or taking a crowded bus. It’s hassle-free travel.

What are the benefits of a MAXI TAXI from the airport compared to a normal taxi?

A MAXI cab service is all about space and flexibility. If there’s four or more of you leaving the airport, you won’t have to squeeze in, and you can easily accommodate all the stuff you brought while on holiday in one cab.  

Where are MAXI TAXIS at the Melbourne Airport?

If you’ve booked a MAXI TAXI at Melbourne Airport or Avalon Airport, there’s no reason to stand in a taxi queue with everyone else. At Melbourne, our Drivers will collect you from the designated taxi area at the outdoor carparks at terminals 1, 2, and 3. At Avalon, the pickup area is easy to spot outside the terminals. If you haven’t booked, ask the taxi rank supervisor to request a MAXI TAXI for you. 

Do 13cabs charge extra for their MAXI TAXIS from Melbourne airport?

No. MAXI TAXI vans cost the same at the Melbourne Airport as they do everywhere else in Victoria. There may be some toll charges to or from the Airport, depending on the route.

What is the easiest way to book a MAXI TAXI Airport transfer from Melbourne?

The 13cabs App is the best way to book all our airport taxi services, including a MAXI TAXI. And there’s a heap of reasons why, including:

  • Fixed Price
  • One tap
  • Fast booking
  • Save your preferred payment
  • Choose your favourite Driver
  • Register your location
  • Know where your cab is

Book your hassle-free transport service with the 13cabs App today

Is there surge pricing on MAXI TAXIS for public holidays or special events?

At 13cabs, we’re a taxi company that doesn’t believe in charging people more when they really need us. As well, we have no surge pricing, and don’t charge late or cancellation fees. Some major public holidays may attract higher rates. Use our Fixed Price and know the exact fare of every ride.

What are some popular destinations you can visit in Melbourne with your MAXI TAX?

There’s a lot of amazing sightseeing opportunities in Melbourne and across Victoria. And you can experience them all from a MAXI cab Melbourne Airport pickup. Visit the art and cultural delights of the Melbourne CBD, and take in some of the finest dining in the world. Enjoy a game at the MCG, or visit the fairy penguins on Phillip Island. And that’s just the beginning.