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Adelaide Parcel Service

Choose 13cabs for your professional same-day Adelaide parcel service. Our Drivers will have your parcel delivered anywhere in the city or suburbs when you want it. Just book one of our cabs and we’ll be your courier service 24/7.

Live tracking

Know where your parcel is at all times with our GPS tracking system.

No extra costs for urgent delivery

Avoid surcharges or express delivery costs. Just click Book Now.

Trained taxi Drivers

Our Drivers are experienced, have advanced training, and know their way around Adelaide.

Fare Estimate

Going from a to b and need a fare estimate?

Can you book a 13cabs parcel service 24/7 in Adelaide?

You certainly can. You can book our parcel service around the clock in Adelaide or any other areas we service in South Australia or Australia.

What is the average pick up time for a parcel?

We’re big on delivery solutions and quick ones. Depending on the time of day, 95% of our parcels are picked up within 10 minutes. That’s real express freight.

What are the charges for parcel deliveries around Adelaide?

We don’t charge like an Adelaide courier, we charge like an Australian taxi company. That means parcel deliveries will cost the same as a cab fare.

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Will a taxi pick up my package?

Whether you’re in the CBD or the suburbs, a taxi driver will come to your door as they usually would and pick up your parcel. You can even leave it for them at your front desk or the front door.

Can you book same day delivery in Adelaide?

Just like a local courier, you can book same-day delivery wherever you are, whether that’s Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra or any of the cities we service. If we’re delivering in the same city, you’ll have it the same day.  In fact, we can deliver it straight away for urgent deliveries, or you can book a pick-up up to 7 days in advance.

How does a parcel delivery service work?

Our parcel delivery service works just like any other of the local courier companies. In fact, it might even be easier. Just book a parcel delivery the same way you book a cab – through the 13cabs app, online via our website, or by calling our phone number – 13 2227.

Why is our parcel service the faster alternative?

We don’t just have a delivery network, we have a specialised taxi network. We can be there as fast as a cab can be there. We won’t put you in a queue like other courier services. Using our parcel delivery service means as soon as we confirm a booking, we’re on the way to get your express delivery. Plus we don’t stop along the way to get other parcels.

Can you get a parcel picked up and delivered to you?

You certainly can. We can be a great eCommerce companion, whether you need urgent or next-day delivery, or anytime over the next week. Just make sure the instructions on where to pick the parcel up from are clear. And let those at the pickup address know we’re coming.

Why choose the 13cabs parcel delivery service in Adelaide?  

There are plenty of reasons to choose 13cabs over an Adelaide courier service. Here’s just a few.

  • Quick pick up. Need an express courier? We’re here.
  • Affordable. Same price as a taxi fare. Our Fixed Price is a quick way to get a quote.
  • On-time delivery. Track your parcel in real time.
  • Professional service and Drivers. Our Drivers are local, fully trained, and know their way around.
  • Registered company. Quality service you can trust.
  • Simple booking system. Book via the app or online in a few clicks. Or with just one call on 13 2227
  • Range of vehicles. Australia’s biggest taxi fleet means we’ve got cars to fit small parcels or bigger ones.

What size parcels can you get delivered?

As long as your parcel fits into our taxi, and it’s legal, we’ll deliver it. Book a minibus or station wagon if you think your parcel might be a bit big for a regular car. If you’re not sure, let us know what it is and the size when you book.