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Gold Coast parcel delivery service

Choose 13cabs for your Gold Coast parcel delivery service. Whether it’s ASAP, same-day delivery, or any time in the next week, we’ll have your parcel delivered to the door. Courier it with 13cabs and we’ll transport your parcel anywhere in our service area.

Door to door 24/7

If your parcel fits in our taxi, and it’s legal, we’ll deliver it. And only a standard taxi fare applies. So, for example, delivering your parcel during business hours within a 3km radius on the Gold Coast will cost about $15.

Live tracking

Follow your parcel with live GPS

No extra costs for urgent delivery

We won't charge you more to get your parcel where it needs to be straight away

Professional Drivers

Our Drivers are trained and know their way around

Fare Estimate

Going from a to b and need a fare estimate?

Can you book a 13cabs Gold Coast parcel service 24/7?

Yep, and it’s simple. Booking our parcel delivery service is as easy as booking a cab. In fact, it’s exactly the same. All you need to do is hit ‘Book Now’ on the 13cabs app or online via our website, or call 13 2227. Instead of booking one of our cabs under ‘Services’, click on ‘Parcel Delivery’ and we’ll deliver it to your door.

What is the average pick up time for a parcel?

With the biggest taxi fleet in Australia, we pride ourselves on getting to your door quickly. We don’t want you hanging around waiting for a Gold Coast courier. Depending on the time of day, 95% of our parcels are picked up in about 10 minutes.

What are the charges for parcel deliveries around the Gold Coast?

Our parcel deliveries cost the same as a regular cab fare. And you can find out what that price is as soon as you book, with a Fixed Price on the 13cabs app or online. That makes budgeting easy.

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Will a taxi deliver a package?

They certainly will. Not only do our trained Drivers know the best way to get people from door to door, but they can do it for parcels, too. All you need to do is choose Parcel Delivery from our range of services.

Can you book same-day delivery on the Gold Coast?

Yes, you can book up for immediate pick-up, or up to 7 days in advance. All for no extra cost.

How does a parcel delivery service work?

All you need to do is book a cab. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Southport, Mudgeeraba, Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Robina, Tweed Coast, Nerang, Coomera, Ashmore, or anywhere we service, we can get your parcel where it needs to be. Use the 13cabs app, book online, or call 13 2227. Booking a parcel delivery is the same as booking any of our quality services. Link your credit card and pay when your parcel arrives.

Why is our parcel service the faster alternative to a courier company?

Because your parcel will be there as fast as a cab can get it there. Using our parcel delivery services means express delivery. 95% of our parcels are picked up in about 10 minutes.

Can you get a parcel picked up and delivered to you?

If the sender lets you, then it’s no stress from us. It works the same as if you’re the one sending the package. Just let the person at the other end know we’re the ones coming to collect it.

Why choose the 13cabs parcel delivery service on the Gold Coast?  

  • Quick pick up. Great for local deliveries
  • Affordable prices. Know our pricing when you book
  • On-time delivery. Track your parcel from door to door
  • Great service. Professional Drivers from a registered company
  • Easy to book. A simple system for taxis or courier delivery
  • Different vehicles. If your package fits, we’ll deliver it. Perfect for eCommerce
  • Big fleet. Lots of taxis on the road at the same time.

What size parcels can you get delivered?

If it’s portable and fits in a car or MAXI TAXI, we’ll get it there.