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Brisbane Parcel Service

Choose our Brisbane parcel service for immediate delivery, 24/7. Just like a courier, we’ll come to you, and transport your parcel to any of our service areas. Our trained drivers can deliver anything, as long as it’s legal and can fit in one of our cabs.

Live parcel tracking

Never wonder when or where it will be delivered.

No extra charges for urgent delivery

We won't charge you for express delivery.

Experienced drivers

Our drivers are specially trained.

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Can you book a 13cabs Brisbane parcel service 24/7?

13cabs can deliver your parcel anytime, anywhere 24/7 in Brisbane and other areas we service in Qld.

There’s no need to choose courier services when it’s easy to book 13cabs parcel delivery. You can book at any time.

  • 13cabs app. Simply download and book with a few taps
  • Online. Bookmark our page and book with ease.
  • Phone. Call 13 2227 any time.

What is the average pick up time for a parcel?

If you’re waiting on a consignment, need a parcel delivered at the last minute, 13cabs is your answer. Our delivery times are the same whether we’re delivering a package or driving a passenger. Depending on the time of day, we pick up about 95% of our packages within 10 minutes of you making the booking.

What are the charges for parcel deliveries around Brisbane?

Unlike other Brisbane courier services, it doesn’t matter how big your parcel is. We don’t charge more for size. If they fit in any one of our cabs, parcel deliveries cost the same as a metered fare. That’s a great value, and it’s the same for any of the areas we service around Australia. Get our Fixed Price from our website or the 13cabs app to find out more.

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Will a taxi deliver a package?

Just like regular courier delivery, our taxi drivers will deliver your package for you. Just ensure the pick-up and drop-off instructions are clear. That means contact details for the person collecting it, as well.

How does a parcel delivery service work?

Whether you’re in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, or anywhere else we service in Queensland, our parcel delivery services are the same as our regular taxi bookings. Book a cab and we’ll come to you. And we won’t promise to just be a same-day courier, we’ll deliver it straight away. Use the Fixed Price on the app or our website as a way to get a quote, and track your parcel in real-time.

Why is our parcel service the faster alternative?

Because we’ll be there as fast as a taxi. That means express delivery, door-to-door. And we’ll leave immediately. We’re a true express courier. And with the largest Australian taxi fleet, that means we can be better than the best courier services. Our average pickup time for 95% of parcels is 10 minutes.

Can you get a parcel picked up and delivered to you?

You certainly can. It works exactly the same way as if you’re sending it. Don’t forget to tell the person at the pickup end we’re coming. Book it when you want, whether it’s ASAP, next-day delivery, or in 7 days.

Why choose the 13cabs parcel delivery service?

There are lots of reasons to choose 13cabs to deliver or pick up your parcel, including:

  • Quick pick up
  • Affordable
  • On-time delivery
  • Professional drivers
  • We’re a registered company
  • Simple booking system
  • A big fleet to fit packages in

What size parcels can you get delivered?

As long as it can fit in one of our cabs and is portable, we can deliver it. If it’s a bit bigger, or an awkward size for a car, think about choosing a MAXI TAXI to have your parcel delivered.

While we don’t deliver pallets like a freight service, we’re more than happy to deliver your letters, parcels, e-commerce goods, and much more. We’ll even pick up your shopping or takeaway.