13cabs Driver Training Modules

  1. Induction Training
  • Provides new and returning drivers with essential information on industry standards, 13cabs values, safety, customer engagement, technology, and equipment.
  • Includes familiarisation with key legislation, core values, safety practices, customer service, state welfare programs, and technology usage.
  1. Endorsed Training
  • Focuses on key account work and expectations, including understanding key account holders, their expectations, and processing account work.
  • Reiterates core values and emphasises quality customer service for a diverse customers base, especially in a competitive environment.
  1. Values Training
  • Addresses behaviour, customer service, and technological issues, realigning drivers with 13cabs’ core values and customer service principals.
  • Promotes 13cabs’ principal of success and ensures quality customer service.
  1. Wheelchair Access Training
  • Educates drivers on providing safe and quality wheelchair taxi services, including theoretical and practical aspects of pre-lift checks, safe loading and unloading practices, and customer service.
  • Covers key legislation, risk management, state welfare schemes, and practical training for wheelchair services.
  • RTO Accredited Course