If you’re an Uber Driver, you can also drive for 13cabs.

13cabs Professional Drivers have a few benefits which Uber Drivers don't

Are you getting tired of getting unstable work as an Uber Driver? Maybe you’re already driving a taxi, bus or doing courier work. Whatever it is, if you want a great, stable income with real independence and flexibility, become a Professional Driver with Australia’s biggest taxi fleet, 13cabs.

Compare the difference

Can you do hail and rank work?

Can you have your own clients on the platform?

Are there approved safety cameras in and on the vehicle?

Are there security alarms fitted to the vehicle in case of emergency?

Are you supported 24/7 by an Australian based contact centre?

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Uber Driver, taxi driver, any driver – at 13cabs, we'll make sure you get a better deal behind the wheel. Find out more from the people who know best.

Here are some FAQ's to get you on the road with us.
How much does 13cabs Induction Training cost?

13cabs Induction Training is free of charge. However, you are required to buy two uniform shirts for $26 during Induction Training.

How long after completing 13cabs Induction Training can I start work?

As soon as you have successfully completed 13cabs Induction Training (including buying your two uniform shirts, completing your paperwork and having your photo taken) you will be able to start work as a 13cabs Professional Driver!

How do I become a Taxi/Cab/Professional Driver?

Laws vary in different states around Australia. GIve us a call on 1800 546 687 or drop us a line at join@13cabs.com.au and we can give you the correct information depending on where you are.

Get a better deal behind the wheel.

Become a taxi Driver with 13cabs and start earning on your terms.

There are plenty of benefits that could make 13cabs the right choice for you if you already on the road as an Uber Driver. There are zero surprises with 13cabs, just a good stable opportunity to do what you already love doing, driving. With flexibility when you need and a fairer chunk of every fair, 13cabs is the obvious choice for professional Drivers. If you no longer want to be an Uber Driver and want to make a career as a professional Driver for Australia’s largest taxi network, scroll back up and fill in your details. Read more about the taxi industry’s fight back here and where Australia’s leading company in personal mobility is going.