Frequently Asked Questions.

Riding with us

How do I book a 13cabs ride?

The quickest and easiest way is via the 13cabs app. With just a few taps, you can book your ride, select your type of car, lock in a price guarantee and even choose your favourite Drivers. You can also book right here on the website. Just hit the ‘Book Now’ button on the home page. Or you can call one of our operators 24/7 on 13 2227.

Where is my cab?

To find the location of your cab for your current trip, please refer to the confirmation text message that was sent to your phone after you made a booking. The text message contains a tracking link which will display the location of the cab, as long as the trip is live. 

If you’re having trouble locating a cab, please call our main line at 132227. 

It is important to note that 13cabs is a Network Service Provider. We provide bookings to Operators and Owners of taxis affiliated with 13cabs through our bookings and telephone work. To fulfill a booking, we aim to find the closest available cab to the location before the due time. 

Please note that we cannot pre-allocate cabs, as the nature of their business often means the drivers do not know where they will be at certain times of the day. We cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival, however, our Contact Centre Staff do their very best to find a cab as close to the requested time as possible. 

Can I choose a specific type of vehicle? How?

You can select a specific type of vehicle when booking via the app or the website. These include: Wheelchair Accessible Taxi, Wagon, SUV, Sedan, Parcel Delivery & Maxi Taxi.

Note: There are also some specific vehicles which can’t be selected on the app or website. These include Pet Friendly Taxi, Child Seat (NSW Only).  For these, please call our main line on 132227.

Can I book my favourite Driver?

That’s one of the unique features of the 13cabs app: MyDriver. It lets you save up to 5 favourite Drivers in each Australian city and request them next time you book. If they’re available, they’ll pick you up.

How can a child ride in a taxi?

The regulations on child seats vary by state – please scroll down to see the Government regulations for your state. 


New South Wales 
Click here for information on child restraint requirements in New South Wales. 
All our taxis in NSW have anchor points for child restraints, and some taxis carry child restraints.   
If you’d like to book a cab, please contact one of our Contact Centre operators on 132227 (please note child restraints cannot be booked via the app or website). 


Northern Territory 
Click here for information on child restraint requirements in the Northern Territory. 
Please scroll to Do we need to use a child restraint in taxis and public minibuses? 
Click here for information on child restraint requirements in Queensland. 
South Australia 
Click here for information on child restraint requirements in South Australia. 
Please scroll to the Taxis section under Exemptions from the child restraint laws.  
Click here for information on child restraint requirements in Victoria. 
Western Australia 
Click here for information on child restraint requirements in Western Australia. 
Please scroll to the On demand transport section. 

What are Maxi Taxis?

Maxi taxis are high occupancy vehicles of different types. Depending on the number of people listed in a booking, an SUV or a larger minivan can be provided. 

When booking a taxi, consider the number of people and the number of luggage items you’ll need. 

For every 1-2 large luggage items please add 1 passenger to your booking. 

To ensure you receive a larger minivan, as opposed to an SUV, please add at least 8 passengers to your booking. 

What areas does 13cabs cover?

For a comprehensive list of areas that are covered by 13cabs click here.
You can also use it to search for your area by name or post code.

How do I request a cab from the airport?

For Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth and Townsville Airports: please proceed to the general taxi rank.

For rural Airports, such as Mildura Airport: please book a cab with Airport rank as the pick-up address.  

For Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane: please proceed to the general taxi rank. Passengers who require a conditioned vehicle (for example, a larger vehicle or wheelchair accessible transport) when none are available, please advise the Taxi Rank Supervisor at the airport, and they will contact 13cabs directly.  

Paying for your trip

How do I pay?

If you have the 13cabs app, you just get out and go. Your payment will be processed in the app and a receipt will be emailed to you. If you’ve hailed your cab on the street or booked on the phone or online, simply pay by your preferred credit or debit card, Cabcharge or cash.

What will my trip cost?

If you’d like to estimate your fare, you are welcome to use our online fare estimator.  

Please note, prices given are an estimate only based on kilometres travelled. Actual fares may vary due to traffic conditions, alternate routes, day and time and unforeseen circumstances. These estimated fares do not include road tolls, airport fees or public holiday surcharges.

How does the Price Guarantee work?

Just the way it sounds. The price you see when you book with the 13cabs app is the price you’ll pay when you go from A to B The only exceptions are if you change your destination mid-trip, or ask your Driver to take a different route to the one calculated by the app.

Why don’t 13cabs’ fares ever surge like ride sharers’ do?

It’s just basic fairness. We don’t believe you should be taken by surprise just because there’s a high demand for cabs. When you ride with 13cabs, there’s no surge, ever.

How do 'out of area' / ‘back to boundary’ fees work?

If a taxi needs to exit the area that is covered by 13cabs in order to complete your trip, a ‘back to boundary’ fee will apply.  This is calculated at a cost of $1 per kilometre travelled beyond the boundary and will be applied in addition to the standard charges applied at the end of the trip.

What are the cleaning fees?

Cleaning fees are additional charges that a driver can request from a passenger. A driver can request a cleaning fee for instances where a passenger has made the vehicle unclean and inappropriate for another passenger to use.  

The current maximum pricing for each state is as follows: 

$120 in VIC/NSW 

$154.80 in QLD 

$88 in SA 

$50 in NT 

$53 per hour in WA 

 A driver is not permitted to request more than the above figures. The passenger pays this additional fee to the driver directly. 

How can I get a refund?

Please reach out to us via Contact Us form and share as many details as you can: 

  • Nine-digit trip request reference number which can be found in the ‘my trips’ section of the App or at the bottom of the text message we sent when you booked the cab with our operator.  
  • The date and time of the trip. 
  • The full address of where the cab picked you up and your drop-off address. 

 Once you receive a confirmation of receipt for your enquiry, please respond to it with the following documents: 

  • Attach a copy of the receipt(s). 
  • Attach a copy of your bank statement with the transaction showing.

This information will help us investigate the matter as quickly as possible and process the refund for you. 

Pre-Authorisation of Payments

Why payment pre-authorisation?

For added payment security, 13cabs now pre-authorises your payment method to protect you against fraud.

When will 13cabs pre-authorise my payment?

When a new payment method is added and every time you request a trip. 

Is the pre-authorisation hold amount equal to my trip amount?

Not necessarily. The pre-authorisation hold amount is a predetermined amount that either represents the full amount of the estimated fare for your booking or $1 or any other predetermined amount as may be required by 13cabs.

Why is there a 'pending' charge on my card statement when I haven't taken a trip?

This is a temporary pre-authorisation hold on your selected payment method and not an actual charge. This verifies that the card loaded is active and in good standing.

When is payment authorisation released?

When you reach your destination, the authorisation hold is released and the final trip amount is charged to your selected payment method, minus the pre-authorised amount (if any).

I paid by the app, but my trip was cancelled, will I get my money back?

When requesting a fixed fare trip with a card or digital payment via the 13cabs app or website, the funds are placed in a ‘pending’ status via your bank. These funds are then processed once your trip is complete. 

If your journey has not been completed due to cancellation or other circumstances, these funds will be ‘void’ within 7 days. The transaction will then vanish from your bank statement.

Will 13cabs pre-authorise all my bookings?

Pre-authorisation holds may be made on selected bookings only or may be made on all bookings, taking into account the number of trips you have previously taken, your payment method and/or the value of the estimate fare of your trip.

What if my payment pre-authorisation fails?

If, for any reason, your payment authorisation fails, you will receive a message stating so, and requesting at your discretion to try another card or payment method. In such cases, you will not be able to book a trip with 13cabs unless you have successfully completed the trip pre-authorisation.

Payment safety

Your payment details registered with 13cabs are secure and encrypted. We don’t store, nor see, your credit card details.

Using your 13cabs Digital Pass

How do I use the 13cabs Digital Pass when booking via the 13cabs website?

1. Visit the 13cabs booking website

2. Enter your trip details – hint: you can book now or schedule for later

3. At Payment method choose ‘Paying the Driver Directly’

4. Make sure you have downloaded your 13cabs Digital Pass to your phone wallet before your ride

5. At the end of your trip, just tell the Driver you’re paying with Cabcharge and tap away

How do I add my 13cabs Digital Pass to my phone wallets?

13cabs Digital Passes are currently supported by iPhone 6 or later and with iOS 9 and later, and Android with NFC and Lollipop 5.0 and above.


Have an iPhone?

You should have received either an sms or an email with a link to download your 13cabs Digital Pass.

Using your iPhone, click on the link to download your 13cabs Digital Pass and add your digital pass to Apple Wallet.

1. Let your Driver know that you’ll be paying via Cabcharge

2. At the end
of your trip, select your 13cabs Digital Pass in your Apple Wallet

3. Hold your device near the reader

4. Use Touch ID, Face ID or enter your passcode to authorise payment


Have an Android Phone?

You should have received either an sms or an email with a link to download your 13cabs Digital Pass.

Using your Android Phone, click on the link to download your 13cabs Digital Pass and add your digital pass to Google Pay.

1. Let your Driver know that you’ll be paying via Cabcharge

2. Turn on NFC in your phone settings

3. Ensure NFC is also TURNED ON for the pass you wan to use in Google Pay.

4. Hold your device near reader and authorise payment

*Ensure your phone is updated with the latest versions of Google Play Services and Google Pay app versions.

*If you have any questions about your Digital Pass please contact or call 1800 652 229


For further information please refer to our Conditions of Use.

Price Guarantee
What is the Price Guarantee?

The 13cabs Price Guarantee is a fixed price set at the time of booking within the 13cabs app to get from point A to B. This is the final price that the customer will pay. No additional charges apply.

How is the Price Guarantee calculated?

When passengers set their pick up and drop off destination in the 13cabs app, our pricing tools plots the fastest route calculated by Google Maps from point A to B.

The price is then calculated using a number of factors, including predicted trip time and distance, traffic conditions, state government fees, levies, and tolls.

We don’t surge and we don’t change our pricing based on demand.

What are the benefits of the Price Guarantee?

With Price Guarantee, Passengers can sit back and relax without having to check the meter, along with price certainty when comparing prices when making travel decisions.

Is the Price Guarantee available on every 13cabs trip?

Currently, Price Guarantee is only available when booking with the 13cabs app or booking online at in selected locations.

Where is the Price Guarantee available?

The Price Guarantee is available in selected locations only.

  • Adelaide

  • Airlie Beach

  • Albury

  • Bairnsdale

  • Ballarat

  • Bendigo

  • Blue Mountains

  • Brisbane

  • Bundaberg

  • Coffs Harbour

  • Darwin

  • Dubbo

  • Echuca

  • Geelong

  • Gold Coast

  • Goondiwindi

  • Illawarra

  • Mackay

  • Magnetic Island

  • Melbourne

  • Melton

  • Mid North Coast

  • Mildura

  • Moama

  • Morwell

  • Newcastle

  • Pakenham

  • Rockhampton

  • Sale

  • Shepparton

  • South Coast

  • Surf Coast

  • Sydney

  • Toowoomba

  • Townsville

  • Tweed

  • Warragul

  • Warrnambool

  • Warwick

  • Wellington

  • Wodonga

  • Yeppoon

Parcel Delivery

How does the 13cabs delivery service work?

It’s like having your own on-demand courier service. If you have something you need to get somewhere fast, jump on the website or tap ‘Delivery’ in your 13cabs app and follow the prompts.

What if I need something picked up and delivered to me?

Not a problem. Let’s say you’ve bought something on Gumtree and you want it fast. Just let the seller know you’ll be sending a 13cabs driver to pick it up, then jump on the 13cabs website or your 13cabs app. Enter the seller’s pick up address and your address as the destination.

What can 13cabs deliver?

If it fits inside a 13cabs vehicle – a large sedan SUV or a MAXI TAXI – 13cabs will deliver it door to door.

Is there anything 13cabs will not deliver?

Drivers will not pick up any illegal items or dangerous goods.  This includes, but not limited to fireworks, stolen goods, drugs, weapons, explosives, fuel and hazardous material.

Items that cannot be secured properly inside the cab by the Driver and items that aren’t flat packed.  Please note, 13cabs Drivers do not carry tie down straps for securing large or bulky items.

What's the average pick up time?

If you’re in a metropolitan area, a 13cabs specialist delivery driver will usually be there to pick up your item within 10 minutes.

When is the delivery service available?

24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year, 13cabs delivers. Fast.

How much does it cost?

With 13cabs, you can get it there for the price of a cab fare. We don’t charge extra for priority packages and unlike ride sharers, our prices never surge, no matter what time of the day or night you book, or how busy it is. Better still, when you use the 13cabs app, your delivery comes with a price guarantee. The price you see when you book is the price you pay.

I'm a small business. Can i use 13cabs Delivers?

Absolutely. In fact, we do on-demand deliveries for small businesses all over Australia every day. From urgent spare parts to a surprise birthday cake, 13cabs is the go-to solution if you need it there fast and handled with care.

In the unlikely event that my item gets damaged in transit; is it insured?

13cabs Drivers are not insured for damaged goods.

Can a Driver refuse to deliver my item?

A Driver may refuse to deliver an item if:

  • the parcel contains any items listed in the ‘is there anything that 13cabs will not deliver’ section

  • items with a total value over $100AUD

  • items that weigh more than 16kg

  • Fragile items

  • If the item cannot be secured sufficiently inside the cab

  • Bulky items that cannot be lifted by one person

How do I use my TSS/ MPTP Cards with 13cabs app?

13cabs app Home Screen

Press the orange hamburger menu at the top left of the app

Tap on your profile

13cabs app menu

Tap on your profile

13cabs app profile settings

Tap ‘Taxi Subsidy Scheme Member’

Select your relevant scheme from the list and tap save. 

13cabs app TSS settings

Select your relevant scheme from the list and tap save. 


How do I select Multi-Stop?

Tap the plus button to book a trip and simply add in your required stops.

How many stops can I have with Multi-Stop?

You can have up to two stops plus your destination and pickup. Stops will be made in the order they are added. 

Will I pay more for Multi-Stop?

No, you will get a Price Guarantee, calculating the multiple stops when you book with 13cabs via our app. The multi-stop feature is designed to put you in control of where you need to go.

Can I use Multi-Stop and select MyDriver?

Absolutely. Multi-Stop and MyDriver puts you in total control of how you travel and with who. 

How long can the cab stop for?

This should be a quick pickup of a Passenger.  Please keep your stops under 2 minutes.