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“The drivers are so kind and patient with Laura, the service just keeps getting better” 

Laura, Sydney

Living with a disability I require taxis that have wheelchair access. I was lucky enough to come across a 13cab driver who drives a wheelchair accessible taxi. I found George to be the ultimate professional always on time and calling me on approach and he always make my daily trip a stress free experience.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending George or Zero200 to anyone that requires wheelchair accessible taxis. You can’t go wrong with the service 13cabs provides. 

Ivan, Sydney

As a woman who has physical disability that some time results in having to use a wheelchair for mobility accessing the Zero200 Network makes arranging transport easy. I am an active person with disability, I particular appreciate being picked up in timely fashion, so I can get to meetings and other commitments on time – Zero200 gets me to where I need be on time. I also appreciate the high standard of customer service – the drivers of Zero200 provide. The  drivers treat me with dignity, respect and see me as a person first and foremost. 

Denise, NSW