Identifying Your Cab

Over the years many taxi companies have merged and now operate under the 13CABS name. Coupled with all Melbourne metropolitan taxis being yellow this can lead to confusion as to which taxis are affiliated with 13CABS.

The easiest way to identify which taxi booking company a taxi cab is affiliated with is to look for:

  • the name of the company on the dome light (located on the roof of the vehicle)
  • the company logo on the front driver and passenger side doors

These logos represent companies affiliated with 13CABS:

13CABS Arrow 13CABS Black Cabs
13CABS Embassy 13CABS Emerald Taxis
13CABS North Suburban Taxis 13CABS Warrnambool
13CABS Yarra Valley Taxis 13CABS Yellow Cabs
Arrow Black Cabs Combined
Embassy MAXI Taxi
North Suburban Taxis Silver Service
Yellow Cabs Yellow Cabs